When unicorns become squirrels


2015 sure was an interesting year for unicorn VCs. 2016 will be an even more interesting year for the club of unicorns, as they might come face to face with reality and be forced to take on a more humble moniker. All hail the squirrels. Read More


Passion is the new black. Heck, you can’t throw a rock without hitting someone yapping about passion. Founders proudly parade how they’re passionate about their solution, or how much passion they’ve already have put into their startup. Yet, there is a reason why the Latin etymology for passion is indeed… suffering. Or is it? Read More

Don’t create code. Create value.

MEET BAYMAX — A robot named Baymax befriends robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada, and together—along with an unlikely band of high-tech heroes—they race to solve a mystery unfolding in the streets of San Fransokyo. "Big Hero 6" is in theaters Nov. 7, 2014. ©2014 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

While coaching some tech startups, I noticed how eager people get to set up a Bitbucket and fire up the development IDE only to start banging away at the keyboard. Producing lines of code and generating commits seems to be the metric for measuring how fast your product is growing. But is it? Read More


Because there was no virtual reality market overview, I compiled one. Please let me know any errors or omissions, I may have made. I will try and keep this overview updated for your reference in this post. You can always find the latest version here. Read More


Moments. A concept that is rapidly gaining traction in the mobile world, and is becoming a buzzword in many new products and startups. But why are moments so important to win the mobile race? Read More


Since 2012, things have been changing in AI country. Founders and investors are equally stampeding to take part in the AI excitement. Yet, in spite of this unbridled optimism, the industry still has a long way to go as the hype precedes real business cases and proofpoints. Let’s explore what’s happening in a bit more detail. Read More

Leave the startup circus. Now.


One of the more relevant lessons learned after running my startup the last few years, is to no longer be one of the monkey’s in the startup circus. The bright lights of the startup craze lure in thousands of founders, not realizing they’re just a product in someone else’s show. Read More

Französinnen, die der Kollaboration mit den .....en während der Besetzung beschuldigt sind, werden entehrt und durch die Strassen Paris geführt. Barfuss, Brandmale im Gesicht, den Kopf kahl geschoren.

It’s in our human nature to be embarrassed about the mistakes we make. As such, we all have our indiscretions we’d rather keep to ourselves. To err is human. But being able to keep them to yourself, is your human right as it allows one to keep its dignity and maintain a sense of self-worth in society. Read More


Following a post on building a great presentation deck (the what), I wanted to follow up with a post on on actually delivering a presentation (the how) to an audience. Today, anybody can be a public speaker, and chances are high you will be on stage at some point in time. Don’t sweat it. It’s fun. Read More


As soon as my first startup became part of EY in 2001, I was introduced to the noble art of creating slide decks, and have been combining my tech work with the creation of slide decks ever since. A deck is a tool for illustrated storytelling, but is never mandatory. I’ve seen, and done, talks without a deck that worked equally well. Sometimes even better. But creating a decent slide deck isn’t easy. Read More


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