While most people like to go to the movies, have a few beers in bars, go on holidays, or sip coffee with baristas, my passion is to keep an open mind, an optimist attitude and explore how I can make a meaningful impact in the lives of the people around me.


I founded the company as Argus Labs in 2012, with the aim to turn smart-devices into sentient and intelligent experiences. We do this by turning sensor data into contextual intelligence and behavioural profiles, so that entire industries can start building hyper-personal, intelligent and context-aware experiences. More info:

7summits-logo7 Summits

This is my planned expedition to reach the highest summits on each continent in a period of 130 days, and is being planned to launch in December 2016. This project is currently being prepared to premier in eight television formats, and one 70″ documentary, as a story to inspire other people and draw the attention to the beauty and importance of the mountains, and our planet in general.