On #LoveYourPetDay

Anyone that knows me, know how dear animals are to me, and know how I enjoy being in their company. It reminds me how fragile our fellow Earth inhabitants are, and how we’re all connected at a level that eludes our comprehension. While I love animals equally, I do have a particular preference for dogs. On this day, this is a remembrance to one dog in particular.

When I was born, my guardian angel was a red coated English Setter dog that literally protected my crib with her life. She would growl at anyone approaching my crib, and we have been close friends every since. She was with me during my childhood. I rode her back, picked her nose, and pulled her ears. She taught me how kindness is one of the strongest forces in the universe.

When I grew older, our bond changed. We played a lot, and every evening, she snuggled close to me (or did I snuggle close to her?) while I was reading my comic books until it was time to go to bed. She learned me about the warm simplicity of genuine companionship. Later, she taught me how responsibility worked, when I had to pick up after her. And when she finally passed away, she learned me about loss.

The day she died, she was scared and I firmly believe she knew her time had come. While the vet put her to sleep, her eyes locked with mine while I kept her paw in my hand and my grandfather caressed her head. She loved that.

After she passed away, I learned about mourning and how my fondest memories of my childhood will always have Bessie in it. Because that was her name.

Her last gift to me, comes at the time I’m writing this post, as she seems to be teaching me how to be thankful to have had a wonderful dog in my life. Thank you, Bessie. You’ve been the best!

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