Hey, that was my idea!

This is my shortest blog post, ever, and should actually be a tweet, but I really needed a blog-post that I can refer to every time I hear someone yell out “Hey, that was my idea!” and gives you a look as if the whole world has turned against the poor guy, and spies are lying in wait to steal his next bright idea. If you’re such a guy, let me tell you no one cares about your idea. The only thing that counts is your speed of execution.Don’t bother with NDA’s (you don’t have money to litigate anyway). Don’t bother with brainstorms. Don’t bother with making cool sales presentations first. Don’t even bother with making an investor pitch! Simply don’t bother! Just execute. Execute. Execute. And then execute some more until you have a working proof of concept.  The only key to success, is rapid execution. The bar for making POC’s has been lowered significantly due to the abundance of rapid prototyping, mature development tools and affordable cloud offerings, so the bar for proper execution has been raised too.

So the next time, you hear someone blurt out “Hey, I had that very same idea…“, please do yourself a favour by responding with “Yeah, but you didn’t act upon it.“. Smile politely and walk away.

I have many ideas. Even on a daily basis. It’s a natural habit when you look at the world as a box full of theorems begging to be solved. Of those ideas, 99,9999% have been executed by others, only because I didn’t do it fast enough. While you are reading this, your business idea that you might have, is already being looked into by dozens of others worldwide. And most likely someone is already building it! So don’t waste time by having the conceit to think you are the only bright kid on the block. Simply because you aren’t 🙂

A New York investor once said to me, “You snooze, you lose, son…“. And that has remained probably one of my most valuable quotes ever. Now, get off my blog and go work on your idea!

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