It’s in our human nature to be embarrassed about the mistakes we make. As such, we all have our indiscretions we’d rather keep to ourselves. To err is human. But being able to keep them to yourself, is your human right as it allows one to keep its dignity and maintain a sense of self-worth in society. Read More

Following a post on building a great presentation deck (the what), I wanted to follow up with a post on on actually delivering a presentation (the how) to an audience. Today, anybody can be a public speaker, and chances are high you will be on stage at some point in time. Don’t sweat it. It’s fun. Read More

As soon as my first startup became part of EY in 2001, I was introduced to the noble art of creating slide decks, and have been combining my tech work with the creation of slide decks ever since. A deck is a tool for illustrated storytelling, but is never mandatory. I’ve seen, and done, talks without a deck that worked equally well. Sometimes even better. But creating a decent slide deck isn’t easy. Read More

Attending the GSMA Mobile World Congress, one of the much hyped wearables were a string of smartwatches. Owning and using some of the earlier models, including the Intel Basis and Motorola’s Moto360, smartwatches are still figuring out their place in the wearable ecosystem, and leave a confusing impression at best. Read More


A while ago, Minister Alexander Decroo founded the Digital Minds for Belgium. A sounding board containing Belgian’s finest venture capital professionals, startup ecosystem leaders, internationally renown tech bloggers and experienced founders. It’s a clear signal that Belgium wants to shape up on its shortcomings in supporting and growing startups.  Read More

While biological and technological evolution follows similar processes, our biological evolution can be considered to be at a virtual standstill. As such, it only makes sense that technological evolution will eclipse its biological counterpart. Either as a means to augment, amplify, or substitute our senses and biological functions but equally to create totally new senses or functions altogether. Read More

The Northstar mindset

Keeping your sanity is for many first time enterpreneurs a challenge. One day you’re a frontpage posterboy, only to get dropped into oblivion the day after. While coaching many young, and mainly first time, enterpreneurs I hope to share my learnings with them, hoping they won’t have to invest 10+ years to figure this thing out. Read More

A new chapter

In October 2014, I took the decision to step down as CEO of the company I founded. It’s an aspect that most founders don’t talk about. It therefore quickly becomes a situation of innuendo, backtalk, shame or gossip. While in fact, this decision, came as emotionally detached as any other sound business decision. Read More

The Crossfit Animal

The first rule of Crossfit is to tell everyone about Crossfit. Ok, now, we got this pun out of the way, let’s move beyond the obvious pro’s and con’s. I’ve started Crossfit after a time of personal struggle and change. I was looking for a way to get my mind off of things. A colleague, and dear friend of mine (thanks, Vince!), introduced me to Crossfit Antwerp, and I immediately got it. Read More

The lifestyle business

Sometimes a lifestyle business could make more sense than playing the startup game. Running a business is about making money, so let’s start here. Money is merely a function of time. Basically, you either get compensated for your time through a salary, or investor funding; or you earn your time through revenue. Read More